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like paper dolls.

What it says. Ask anything! IP logging is off and anonymous commenting is allowed.
Because this will be fun and I'm always kind of bored. ♥

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Let's start with the basic. Hmm.
A website to get rid of your boredom? (Or two. Or three!)

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LJ. FFnet. FictionPress. Twitter. OneManga. TVTropes. Sometimes Wikipedia or even Google, because they have all the answers.

But if I have to pick one, FFnet. They have good quality fics, but in my current fandoms, most are pretty much trash. Which makes it fun because I get to laugh at the horrible grammar and stuff! /is a bitch

Dude, I'm unoriginal here.

Coincidentally, your icon reminds me of what I had to do in English today.

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My all time favorite has got to be Friends, though.
I also want to look at Fringe but it looks rather... scientific and gorey. :|

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Your life-guiding motto?

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"Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together."

Meaning, things happen for a reason -- and even if you don't see it now, you'll see that whatever happens, happens for the best in the end. That's a rather optimistic view, but you know... it kind of works for me :)

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Your ideal image of your SO?
(It's just an image, yanno!)

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I've restrained myself successfully. ♥

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And good writing.
Mm-hmm, you know that too~ ♥

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So honeybee, how's life for you? How are your exams?

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Life is GREAT.
Even though we have exams.
I'm procrastinating on Chemistry now, but at least I'm moving forward... very very slowly.

Oh well. How's life for you? ♥

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What is something you're supposed to know from a loooong time ago but you just recently knew?

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Metal oxides are basic, non-metal oxides are acidic.

My head. it is full of chemistry.

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The Sky's Bouquet @ FFN

GOT MYSELF AN LJ. /be proud, okay? :)
...I am having a hard time figuring everything out... (erg. just finished learning to work tumblr totally and efficiently... ;;) Have any tips or things I should know? ^^

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Aaaand I'm so proud of you, yes!
LOL. Is it really complicated? I've used LJ since... I don't know, probably 2006. It was confusing for a while but then I got the hang of it. Just know that there are lots and lots of pretty people around here! I swear I've made some really good friends. I'm a little dizzy at the moment so I can't think of things right off the bat, but I'll be here if you have questions! :D

PS: adding you back. ♥

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Boy, have I missed you! You probably don't remember me. The last time we talked on LJ was when I still had an LJ...which I deleted in 2008. I came back here today because I remembered all the nice people here.

Anyways, this is something I've wanted to ask you a long time Reg short for Regina? Regine? Anything?

Up to now, you still make me smile with your niceness to other people. It's also your fault why my cheeks hurt all the time. :D

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What was your username? Chances are I would at least have an inkling as to who you were. LJ is still populated with really, really nice people all around so I'd really love it if you'll consider coming back, whoever you are.

Reg is short for Regina. I don't feel much like a Regina, though. The name is too... heavy on me. Haha.

And I'm sure you have made me smile and laugh a thousand times before. Case in point: just reading this comment makes me all giddy! Dare I say "see you around"? ♥ I hope I do!

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LOL. Oh, my, I'm honestly flattered you know that it's my birthday soon. As for the question... I really don't want anything. It might be odd, but there's no particular item that comes to mind. If you're talking about intangible things... well, I want to be around my high school friends, but that's pretty impossible considering the circumstances, at least not for now. ;)

Thank you for asking, though; that's very sweet of you! ♥

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REG. I noticed you don't seem to curse... Why's that? And do you feel comfortable when reading stories with cursing?

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I actually thought I swear quite a bit! Words like "damn" and "crap", LOL. Uhm... I guess if by "swearing" you mean I hardly ever say "fuck" or "shit", it's mostly because I'm... not used to them. Yeah. I'm not against swearing, actually, but I would never, never say things like "fuck you" or "you're shit", because I think it's rude and hurtful and most likely uncalled for.

Hmm... yes, yes I do. I actually never thought about it much, but now that you mentioned it, I really don't feel uncomfortable when characters curse in stories (or when people irl swear as well). Of course, that doesn't mean I go out on my way to look specifically for stories that have cursing in them, haha. ;)

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What are WIPs? I really, really want to comment on your new post but I don't know what WIPs are.

I feel extremely dumb because I'm probably the only person on your f-list who doesn't know what WIPs are. @_@

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"WIP" stands for "work-in-progress"! Hahaha. Don't feel dumb, the words (acronyms, slangs, etc.) they use in the Internet are sometimes confusing! I feel the same way sometimes :p

PS: Urban Dictionary is sometimes a big help! XD

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Hi!! I'm actually Midnight Insomniac over from FF ^_^ Made my account on here yesterday O_O So I was bored and I was reading people's profiles and everything and was delighted when I stumbled upon a link to your LJ :) So... what's up?

Friend me? I'll friend you back ^_^

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Hey! I see - I haven't been on FF for quite a while, but I remember you. Welcome to LJ! It's a really nice place. :)

And friending, of course. ♥

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Sup honeybee, How do you say Reg? Is it like 'Redge'? LOL, stupid question, I know.

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LOL. Uh. I've been called Regina with a "g" like an "egg" (so basically "Regg-ee-na") and Regina with that kind of pronunciation you just mentioned ("Redge-ee-na"). Crap, I just noticed I don't actually know how to spell the pronunciation. In my head, I've always used the first one, but people irl call me with both. Am I making sense? XD

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LOL HI. You probably know me on (Serendipithy/sureall/Alice the 19th) with all my fail fics, hahaha. :D

I never did understand how LJ worked... I got one some time last year and I've just been lost on it ever since. I don't bother signing in on it anymore either. Hmm... I should make a new one. Maybe. Probably not happening anytime soon though. Sigh.

I'm actually really curious - are the pictures that you use often as your avatar actually you? (both in LJ and FF) It makes me wonder what nationality you are. xD I keep thinking you're a wasian for some weird reason.

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HELLO, yes! I do know you from FFnet, though I also remember very clearly that your fics are not fail. :P

Ohhh, really? I love LJ a lot, a lot, a lot. I guess most people use it to blog, to search for fanworks, that kind of stuff. It's really quite lovely once you get the hang of it. I've had my "down" periods with LJ, though, and it usually coincides with my "down" periods with FFnet.

I had to look up what a wasian is, I've never heard of that term before! Anwyay, no. The pictures I use as my avatars are stock pictures/icons. I'm Asian, yeah, and both of my parents are Asian. English is my second language. XD Why did you think I'm wasian?

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Of course, with the surplus of friends you have.

You don't reply to my messages here, on facebook, on twitter...

Sorry, I just had to let that out.


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I'm so sorry I made you feel this way! D:

Also a bit confused, because I'm fairly sure I've replied to all of my new messages on LJ, Facebook and Twitter...

But, uh, again, so sorry to make you feel this way. Maybe give me a hint to what messages I didn't reply to? Because there is a chance that I might have missed replying to a lot of them. *facepalm* I haven't forgotten you, I swear. ♥