Date: 2010-10-27 06:00 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
We used to be 'friends' here. I can't remember which of us friended the other first or even who you are really, but I was just going back to look over some poetry or some pictures or something in some long forgotten entry, and I found one of your comments. It was when I was having a tough time with something, and you were so strong for me.

You seemed so brave and larger than life, and I can't even remember you outside of that paragraph of hope that you left for me. I checked around and didn't see any other comments from you around that time, but I had to have friended you - my LJ has always been locked.

I can't remember defriending you either, but you're not in my list of friends anymore and that comment is two years old now and none of our interests are the same.

I don't miss you because I don't even remember you, but I think I might miss what we could have been. Maybe you and I could have been amazing friends, or maybe it was just fated that we not recall one another, like shooting stars crossing trails. I'm sorry for whatever it was I did that caused us to drift apart. Thank you for supporting me when I needed it. If nothing else, know that I loved you for that moment.
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