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in time we will kiss hello.

I've been thinking about this for a while but never actually got the chance to do it. Something came over me today and well, I think it's about time. So, before I lose my nerve, I present to you:


★ Bleach ★ Naruto ★ Katekyo Hitman Reborn ★ Kimi ni Todoke ★ Koukou Debut ★ Pokémon (games/manga) ★ Vampire Knight ★ Code Geass ★ Harry Potter ★ Fairy Tail ★ Harvest Moon ★ Skip Beat! ★ Boys Before Flowers ★


★ If you have any other fandom in mind that isn't listed here, don't hesitate to ask. There's a chance I might play around with it. :)
★ I am terrible, terrible at organizing my time, so it may take more than a while for me to write. I promise that I will try my best to finish them all eventually, though!
★ I'm not comfortable with writing: yaoi, yuri, gore, torture, slavery, non-con, m-preg, beastility, etc. if it's the central idea of the fic. Other than that, most things are fair game.

And there we go. Thank you! ♥


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typing on this thing is a bitch so i will respond with an actual request when i get home, but i love you for this! ♥ I LOVE YOU.


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What are you typing on? o_o I LOVE YOU TOO and I can't wait for your prompt! ♥

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♥ I AM TOTALLY GOING TO SPAM THIS. I hope that's alright? HAHAHA!

Series: Kimi Ni Todoke
Character/Pairing: RyuChizu
Genre: Anythind you'd like :)
Prompt(s): childhood dreams

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asdfghjkl, plot bunnies. Immediately. (I just finished rereading Kimi ni Todoke a few days ago! :D)

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Series: Fairy Tail
Character/Pairing: JeralErza
Genre: Romanceeeeeee ♥
Prompt(s): nail polish, pretty lights

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My Fairy Tail OTP! I wish Jeral would appear again in the manga. Even a glimpse would be okay. D:

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Aaah, can I spam? 8D

series: Bleach
pairing: Ichigo/Rukia
genre: hot romance
prompt: nighties

Also, can I pimp you?

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I've never written IchiRuki ever before so this is going to be really fun. AND THE PROMPT. WHY CHRISTINE WHY. I love it. :P

Yeees you can! Are you doing fic requests as well? :o

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Series: Naruto
Character/Pairing: U. Sasuke x H. Sakura
Genre: Romance
Prompt(s): jealous (and affectionate)!Sasuke, mistletoe

I know mistletoes are overly used but it's just it's so damn hot here in Australia right now it doesn't feel like Christmas is approaching :)

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btw, the smiley was supposed to be a wink ;)

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Let me make a request, as well~ o7

Series: Kimi ni Todoke
Characters/Pairing: Kazehaya/Suwako
Genre: romance/angst
Prompt(s): separation. (yep, I like angst. lol)

Thank you~ ^^

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I've actually never written - okay, never imagined - Kazehaya and Suwako being all angsty because to me they're all doki doki love, so this is going to be very, very fun. :DD

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Series: Harry Potter
Character/Pairing: Snape/Tonks
Genre: A good mix of fluff and angst
Prompt(s): Astrology

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Two characters I've never written for before! Good prompt. :)

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I'm really looking forward to this!

Series: Pokemon
Character/Pairing: Giovanni x Sabrina
Genre: romance~
Prompt(s): soap opera

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Me too! ♥

Thanks for requesting Giovanni x Sabrina. Gym leaders need more love, not to mention Team Rocket. :D

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Oh! Oh! I wanna make a request!

Series: Naruto or Harry Potter
Character/Pairing: SasuSaku/Dramione/HarryHermion
Genre: romance/angst
Prompt(s): Christmas Tradition

YAAAY~ xD If you want I can give you a fic in return too! xD

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I'd love to read whatever you write, so anything is fine! How did NaNoWriMo go for you? :D

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you write koukou debut eeeeeeeee!! XD

series: koukou debut
pairing: yohxharuna
genre: romance and humor
prompt: raspberry iced tea

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Correction: I'm going to try to write Koukou Debut. It's such a great shoujo manga with such great characters and it's a shame the fandom isn't bigger! XD

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EEEEEEE! I hope this is alright.

Series: Vampire Knight
Pairing: Shiki/Rima
Genre: Romance/Humour
Prompt: peppermint tea

By the way, I'd love to write you a fic in return, if you like? :)

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Of course it's alright! :DD

And you don't have to! I'll be really happy, but only if you want to. ♥

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Because I miss CG

Series: Code Geass
Character/Pairing: Lelouch/C.C.
Genre: Romance
Prompt(s): Eh, surprise me? orz

Can it be post-R2, please?

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I miss Code Geass, too... I think they have a new manga/series with new characters, but it's just not the same. :'(

And yes, yes it can! I'm not very good at surprises, but I'll try my best. ♥

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Series: naruto~
Character/Pairing: mikoto/fugaku, kushina, minato
Genre: pure fluff/friendship B|
Prompt(s): kimonos, childhood, innocence

(lololol by the way i'm hardcover_faces from your permanon post.)

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Ooh, the older generation's fic! I hope I can manage this one. XDD

Nice name, by the way. What does it mean? :D

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Series: Fairy Tail
Character/Pairing: Gray/Lucy
Genre: sexy fluff
Prompt(s): frenching

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YES. ♥

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Series: Naruto
Character/Pairing: SasuSaku
Genre: crack
Prompt(s): miniskirts

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asdfghjkl. You just made me imagine Sasuke in a miniskirt, you!

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Series: SKIP BEAT!
Character/Pairing: Kyoko x Ren
Genre: General
Prompt: red gloves, silhouettes, ballroom

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ZOMG YES. I have to ask, by red gloves you literally mean red gloves, right? It's not a metaphor/idiom for anything? (I don't know why but it suddenly crossed my mind that it might be. D:)

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I hope this is okay!

Series: Pokemon
Character/Pairing: Green/Blue
Genre: Romance/Humor
Prompt(s): Mafia

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It's okay! In fact, I've been wanting someone to make a GreenBlue request just because I'm rather in love with the pairing. ♥

Just out of curiosity, though, since your name isn't familiar to me, did you come over from LJ or FFN? (So sorry if your name should be familiar. My memory kind of sucks. D:)

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If you get around to it... xD

Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Character/Pairing: Hibari, Chrome
Genre: Romance, fluff...or anything you want xD
Prompt(s): eye patch

Didn't have any particular prompt or genre in mind but the universe could always do with more 1896. o.O

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LOL. I will get around to this... I hope. I'm not entirely sure I could do a good Hibari & Chrome, though. @_@ BUT YES, the universe could always do with a lot more 1896. ♥

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Series: Naruto
Pairing: NejiTen
Genre: Romance (not a lemon)
Prompt: Candlelight

Love you :)

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YES, a NejiTen one, finally! My OTP!

Love you too. ♥

[identity profile] ana margaret tan (from 2011-12-13 01:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Ooooh. Series: Naruto!/ fairy tail Character/Pairing: NejiTen / GrayLucy Genre: Adventure, seduction ;), smexiness. Prompt(s): thieves. Crime. <3

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Awesome! I'll most likely write a NejiTen instead of a GrayLucy, though; just for a heads-up. I hope that's okay. ♥

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I WANT SO MANY THINGS. Decisions, decisions....

Hmm I was going to go for BOF but I've only seen the KDrama version and don't want to prompt you for the Manga xD I know you're going to get plenty of SasuSaku prompts too, soo.....

Series: Harry Potter
Character/Pairing: Harry/Hermione
Genre: Romance/Angst (preferably with a happy-ish ending though ^_^)
Prompt(s): "I'll go with you"


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LOL. You can request more than once, if you'd like! I'll be doing this as long as it takes~ (Ahem. That doesn't sound very promising, does it. XD)

I'd actually only write for the k-drama version, actually. I should make that clear. o_o Haha. I'm okay with getting a lot of prompts for the same pairing! :D

NO U! Do we really share that many fandoms? THAT'S AWESOME. What else are you into?

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Series: Boys Before Flowers
Character/Pairing: Gu Jun-pyo/Geum Jan-di
Genre: Romance
Prompt(s): Jan-di gets sick, Jun-pyo has trouble coping

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I can just imagine Jun-Pyo having "trouble coping". The prompt is the story! :p

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Series: Naruto
Character/Pairing: Sasuke/Sakura
Genre: Romance (or suggesting at feelings, whatevs, whatevs)
Prompt(s): (pre-shippuden) Sasuke finds Lee almost more annoying than Sakura


This is it, swear!

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I'M OKAY WITH SPAMS. But again, it'll take me forever to do it. I am terrible, TERRIBLE, at not-procrastinating. XDD

Thank you for the prompts! ♥


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Series: Harry Potter (Marauder Era)
Pairing: Lily/James
Genre: Humour and/or Romance
Prompts: Sirius finds a way to stop Lily and James from fighting in his own Sirius-kind-of-way


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Oh gosh. Sirius. ♥

(Anonymous) 2011-12-26 09:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Series: Pokemon
Character/Pairing: Volkner/Candice
Genre: Romance. Friendship. Bittersweet.
Prompt(s): fleece hoodies. strung lights. the last night.

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asdfghjkl, considering that I didn't actually play Pokemon Diamond/Pearl to completion, this might take even longer than others. But I'll certainly try my best. :)