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nineteen. in university doing what she loves most in the world. enjoys warm, fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies and apple crumble served with ice cream way too much for her own good. avoids horror movies like the plague. very, very easily amused. misses ice-skating and, believe it or not, softball. reads and writes as much as she can. in love with life, for the most part. :)
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♥ colorful drinks, ♥ dancing crazily, ♥ daydreaming about life, ♥ fashion photography, ♥ fireworks at midnight, ♥ fluffy teddy bears, ♥ greek mythology, ♥ half-smiles, ♥ hot sweet tea, ♥ lovely text messages, ♥ melted chocolate, ♥ midnight phone calls, ♥ old books, ♥ on the ground, ♥ sappy movies, ♥ secret longings, ♥ singing loudly, ♥ stars and clouds, ♥ stolen kisses, ♥ sunny/rainy days, ♥ unspoken wishes, ♥ warm days, ♥ warmth and comfort, ♥ whispered conversations
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